Busola Adewole

Proactive and result-driven Data Analytics graduate student skilled in SQL, Python, Excel and Tableau.
Passionate about making sense out of data to tell powerful stories that influence business decisions

#MaskMandate-Tweets Sentiment Analysis

This was an end of semester project for my INFX 501 class. I analyzed tweets relating to the mask mandate to understand people's public opinion on wearing masks. I acheived this using Textblob, an unsupervised lexicon-based apporach.
Demonstrated skills: Data collection, Cleaning messy unstructured data collected via Twitter API, transformation, data analysis & visualization

Exploratory Data Analysis

As a data analyst, it's important to always have your investigative hat on. I'm learning to ask questions, look out for trends, patterns and anomalies, and think about problems I could solve with data. In my EDA projects, I explore datasets to generate unique insights

Health Insurance

I applied various Machine Learning models on an Insurance dataset. The goal was to determine predict how much new customers would be charged for insurance. I compared different models and found a GradientBoostingRegressor model performed best.